June – The Pathway to Summer

“To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June.”

~Jean Paul Sartre

A good book in the winter, a delightful walk in June. And Sidney by the Sea is a beautiful little village to walk; flat, and pedestrian friendly, there is always something to see or do.

At Norgarden and The Peninsula, our patios will soon be full of blooms as we plant our bedding plants and hang baskets of moss and flowers, just in time to take tea outside!

We celebrate Father’s Day on June 18th. For any significant date, Chef creates a special theme menu. For Father’s Day, please join us at 5pm, for appetizers. For dinner service, Chef will start with Cream of Asparagus soup (or salad), followed by Filet Mignon (or Quiche Lorraine) with a wild mushroom demi glaze, and dinner will finish with a delightfully rich and creamy Chocolate Mocha Pot de Cream. If a guest will be joining you, or you will be out for dinner on Father’s Day, please let the front desk know by June 15th. The cost of this delicious meal for guests is $25.95 (plus GST).

People often ask when we do our tours if we are pet friendly. Folks who live in our communities know that Denise brings Otis to work with her, and once a month Breanna and Otis hold court inviting residents to come to see Otis for a doggy snuggle. This month Otis will be at The Peninsula June 13th at 3:15pm, and at Norgarden June 19th at 3:15pm, so come on down for a bit of pet therapy!

On June 23rd, the Gentleman’s Club will head off to Beacon Landing to quaff a pint perhaps on the patio, while enjoying good company, good food and a beautiful view as they cast their gaze out to Haro Strait.

During our recently completed survey we asked residents it there were any leisure activities they would like to do, which we did not currently offer. There was an overwhelming response from the Ladies for a Ladies outing! So, this month the first outing of J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth) will head to Mattick’s Farm for lunch and shopping. Thank you to Kathleen for bringing this to fruition, and to the Ladies for the input!

As always Kathleen has organized and coordinated a wonderful month of activities for our residents. See below for all the options.


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