February: Soon Comes Spring from the Winters Night

“Late February days; and now, at last,
Might you have thought that
Winter’s woe was past;
So fair the sky was and so soft the air.”
–  William Morris

The long nights will soon shorten, the weather will change, spring will come and with it sun and flowers, all manner of birds and yep, allergies.

Of course February 14th is Valentines day.  As always a lovely meal prepared by Chef Shawn and music and decorations organized by Kathleen.  Come on down at 5 for your complementary drink and appy!  Dinner at 530.

The monthly birthday tea is on the 20th for The Peninsula and the 21st for Norgarden.  If it is your birthday month, please let Kathleen know if you will have guests joining you at the head table!

Chris Mundigler will be speaking about the Greek Islands on the 8th.  On the 10th the amazing musical duo of Jannie Burdeti and Andrei will play at both The Peninsula (1pm) and Norgarden(2pm).  Come on out to listen to this power house of classical music.

This month the J.O.Y. Ladies group will enjoy a fine repast at Rumrunner, and the Gentleman’s Club will dine at Bistro Suisse.  Remember to sign up at the front desk to book your spot!

Kathleen has many many more activities planned for this month.  Please see the calendars below.  Please click on the calendars to enlarge them .


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