October: Halloween and Oktoberfest

“This month has now dawned
As we set into the Autumn breeze
Into the dark blustery night
We watch the falling of each leaf be swooped from the trees…”
October Blooms – Poem by Melissa Patty

As always Kathleen’s calendar of events is full special dinners, a tour up the Dalmatian Cost of Croatia, Oktoberfest and Halloween

We kick off this month with a celebration of YOU on Sunday October first – it is National Seniors Day, join us for tea and entertainment.  On the 5th of October we celebrate Oktoberfest with appies and drinks at 5:00 and dinner at 5:30.

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On the 15th, 22nd and 29th Jan Burke’s Conscious Aging workshop continues.  Come and check out one session or all sessions.  The workshop continues into November and offers a unique perspective on Aging.

On the 25th, we are offering free flu shots in both buildings.  Please sign up at the front desk and bring your waiver with you.  It will be done by floors in each building, so please read the newsletter to see what time you will be getting yours.

On the 30th at The Peninsula, the Young and Restless will be doing a Halloween parade for the residents.  Please come down (or over from Norgarden) to see the priceless costumes!

And finally on the 31st, Halloween!  There will be a prize for the best costume for a resident and staff.  Drinks and appies start at 5pm.

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