December – Merry Christmas

“Looking through my bedroom window, out into the moonlight and the unending smoke-colored snow, I could see the lights in the windows of all the other houses on our hill and hear the music rising from them up the long, steady falling night. I turned the gas down, I got into bed. I said some words to the close and holy darkness, and then I slept”.     

  A Childs Christmas in Wales, Dylan Thomas.


Remembering the snow we had last year!

December is traditionally, or rather has become somewhat non-traditionally a very busy month.  Here at The Peninsula and Norgarden, it is no less so!  Kathleen has so many things planned throughout the month.

Kathleen gets started on th3 3rd.  At 1 pm, there is a trip to the Annual Nativity Exhibit – over 800 crèche/nativity scenes, all beautifully arranged and lit.  It is visually arresting.  Sign up for this one   for sure.



Then, once you have arrived back at Norgarden, after dinner hang out in the fireside lounge and enjoy shortbread and hot apple cider while Kathleen and her crew  of Elves trim the Christmas Tree.  For our residents at The Peninsula, the tree trimming ceremony will take place the next night, on the 4th.  Brian Sharron will be at both events, playing the piano and sining Christmas Carols.

On the 5th, you can get some last minute (or just beginning) shopping done as Kathleen will be taking residents to Tillicum Mall.  The bus heads out at 10, so make sure you are down in the lobby by 9:45.

On December 7th there is a one hour bus ride.  Kathleen meanders around the peninsula and then back home.

If you are a resident that has seasons tickets to the Peninsula Singers, be in the lobby at 1:30 on Sunday the 9th,  for your bus ride to their (always sold out) Christmas Concert.

The Gentleman’s club will have their final soirée at Norgarden in the Hummingbird room on the 14th at 11:30.

Also, on the 14th, Norgarden Estates will hold our own Christmas Potluck Dinner for our staff in the dining room at Norgarden.  For the residents at Norgarden dinner will be at 5pm, so please come to the dining room at 4:45.

On the 17th, Kathleen will take everyone out for the first of two Christmas light tours.  The bus leaves at 7pm, and there is a stop along the way for hot chocolate and cookies.  The second trip is on the 21st.  Sign up early for these as they are a perennial favourite and the spots go VERY quickly.

December 20th is “Wear Your Favourite Christmas Sweater to Dinner Night”  whether it is a beautiful cable knit, or a playful homemade design, come one, come all!

There is live entertaimnet pretty much every week, see the schedule below for dates and times!

The 21st, at 11 the JOY group will head out to a beautifully decorated Brentwood Bay Resort  for their last luncheon of the year.

December 24th, we start the day with Breakfast with Santa, at 8am at The Peninsula and 9 am at Norgarden (this is the one time of the year Santa can’t be everywhere at once!). After dinner, hang out for our Christmas Eve Social with cookies and rum and egg nog by the fire.

Christmas day –  we will be serving our full Christmas dinner at noon to allow staff to have as much time with their family as possible.  Please let the front desk know if you will have guests for lunch, or if you will be dining elsewhere.  The cost of lunch for guests is $21.95 plus GST and the cut off for letting the front desk know is December 20th.

The pace of all things slows down after this….until the 31st when we gear up for New Years Eve.  As always Chef will prepare an elegant and sumptuous feast.  Please let the front desk know if you will be absent for dinner.  And, If you are going to have guests(s), let the front desk know by December 27th.  The cost of dinner for guests is $25.95 plus GST.

This year, we got an even earlier start on Christmas – Kathleen and Patsy and Florence (she’s tucked under the tree!) decorated the Norgarden Estates Tree at the Mary Windspear Centre.

Norgarden Tree on Display at Mary Winspear Centre

A big thank you to Florence Aiken and Patsy Stoddart who helped me decorate our Norgarden Tree that will be on display at Mary Winspear Centre for the month of December. Beautiful work ladies!

Cheers Kathleen 

Happy Holidays!

Below are the VERY full calendars for Norgarden and The Peninsula.




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