March: Cherry Blossoms, Snow, Hail and Driving Winds!

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

Charles Dickens

That quote sums up all that has gone into this month so far!  Nothing, however, that is not typical for Sidney by the Sea!

This month we have the “Young and the Restless”, two special occasion dinners, outings, piano music and much to keep us entertained.

On the 12th the Young and the Restless will join us for Games and Puzzles at The Peninsula, please come on down or join us if you are at Norgarden for this delightful hour of youthful energy.

On the 13th join everyone in the Fireside Lounge for live entertainment by Byron Woods at 7pm.

On the 14th Audiologist Catherine Z. from NexGen Hearing will be at Norgarden at 1:30pm and The Peninsula at 2:30pm.  She will check that your hearing aids are in good working order (for no charge!).  Please sign up at the front desk to book your appointment.

This month the J.O.Y Ladies outing will head to the White Spot on the 23rd, and the Gentlemen’s Club will head to Good Fortune Restaurant on the 16th.

Chef and Kathleen have planned two fabulous dinners for March. The first one is St. Patrick’s Dinner on the 17th, with live entertainment in both buildings.  The next is our first ever Italian theme night on the 28th and also with live music.  Come on down at 5 for a complementary drink and appetizer before dinner service at 5:30 (for both dinners).

And last but not least, it is Easter on the 30th.  This year, instead of having the traditional Easter egg hunt at Norgarden and The Peninsula, Kathleen will be taking the residents and “Petunia” to The Parachute Express on the 29th at 10am.  Please sign up at the front desk to book your spot on this adventure!

Below are the rest of the activities Kathleen has planned for you for March.  Please click on the calendar to enlarge it.




March 5, 2018 | Posted in Activity Calendars