October – Elections, Thanksgiving and the Flu Shot

October is election month. Thank you for all who fought for us, so that we have this opportunity to live in our democracy. Please vote – exercise the right so many gave their lives for. For residents of The Peninsula, you can vote in house. For Norgarden residents, you will have to make your way to the polls.

Over at Norgarden we are trying a few new activities! Chair Zumba is one. It is a huge hit over at The Peninsula, so come on down and get your grove on for an hour of light dancing while safely seated!

The other “newish” activity, we have a brand new smart TV and it is hooked up to Netflix as well as cable. We will be showing movies every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Check out the list in the newsletter and please let the front desk know if there is one you would like to watch that is not on the list!


Oktoberfest of course, join us for beer, bratwurst, and all things German. Appies at 5pm on Thursday the 3rd, dinner at 5:30.

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Thanksgiving dinner will be served on the 14th at 5pm. If you would like to have a guest for dinner, please let the front desk know by October 10th.

The Ladies group is going to Mary’s Bleue Moon Café on the 25th, and the Gents are heading out to Good Fortune. These are popular outing, so please sign up.

and finally, Hallowe’en! Chef will brew up something toady, er I mean tasty in his cauldron for the 31st. Dress up! There will be an award for best costume!

Flu Shot time! The season of the flu has descended. Please sign up at the front desk in both buildings to get your free flu shot.

Kathleen has planned a very busy month, please see below for all the activities for October.

October 1, 2019 | Posted in Activity Calendars