June: Pub Night, and Pub Outings!

In Scotland there are two seasons, June and Winter.  (Billy Connolly).  Quotes like that remind me how blessed we are to live on the West Coast where we have three, Spring, Summer and Rain!

So, what is in store for Norgarden and The Peninsula this month?  Lets start with ZUMBA!  A huge hit for the residents at The Peninsula.  While it is Chair Dancing, there are specific moves, and enough of them to feel it in muscles and create new laugh lines!  For residents at Norgarden, if you want to check it out, it is at 3pm on the 7th, 21st and 28th.  So many residents at The Peninsula have started taking part that Kathleen had to go out any buy more chairs!  If you want to see it in action, there are quite a few videos on YouTube.

Residents of The Peninsula, Eileen and David often preform together by the fireside lounge (piano and electric guitar).  This month they are taking their troupe on the road and travelling all the way to Sidney Elementary School for a performance!  They will sing and play “You are my Sunshine” for the grade one class on Monday June 11th at 1:30.  Volunteers from the Young and Restless are  welcome to join them (meet in the lobby of The Peninsula at 1:20)!

Pub Night!

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June 13th is Pub Night, come to the dining room in both buildings at 5 for pub-style appies and a pub-style cocktail, followed by fish and chips or deluxe hamburgers with wedge fries for dinner!  Following this, evening entertainment at The Peninsula will be the amazing Edie Daponte – if you have ever been to the Beacon Landing on a Saturday evening, you may have heard her beautiful voice.  Treat yourself to her stunningly sultry jazz ballads at 7pm in the fireside lounge at The Peninsula. You can check out her website here http://edie.ca

On June 5th , Lisa Bosman will perform at 7pm in the Fireside Lounge at Norgarden.  She has graced us with her delightful voice and entertaining demeanor previously, both at the birthday teas and afternoon entertainment.  She sings an eclectic mix of songs; golden ones from year past, to ones your grand kids enjoy.  You may also recognize her as a baker at Thrifty Foods.

On June 14th Chris Mundigler presents “A Day on an Archaeological Dig”.  Chris is a truly mesmerizing and captivating speaker, he will be at Norgarden at 1 and The Peninsula at 2:15.

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J.O.Y. this week is heading to the Beacon Landing Pub on the 22nd at 11am.

The Gentleman’s Club is going to Sassy’s on the 15th at 11:30.  Sign up early to book your spot as these two outings fill very quickly.

See below for the rest of the months activities, and residents remember, if you see something at your sister building you would like to take part in, you are more than welcome!

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