“Hello May, Please be Good”

I think we can trust that spring has finally come…

The 9th of May is the bi-annual residents meeting for The Peninsula and the 10th of May for Norgarden.  We will be presenting feedback from the survey as well as addressing any agenda items brought by you to Denise.

May 11th is Mother’s Day and we will be offering our traditional Mother’s Day Tea on the 14th.  Please sign up at the front desk by May 11th and let us know if you are expecting guests!

On the 13th of May the Norgarden library will be closed from 11am to 3pm so our very own John Varszegi can shoot part of his next film production “The 5 Virtues”.  This is the second time John has used our residences to film his movies.

The 22nd of May brings the Victoria Day Dinner, drinks and appies at 5, followed by dinner at 530.  Canada is the only country that officially recognizes her birthday (which is the 25th of May) with a Federal holiday.

This month the Gentleman’s club will be heading off to the Brentwood Bay Inn on May 12th.  Hopefully the patio will be open and they can enjoy sunshine and sea views.

Kathleen has lined up lots of activities at both Norgarden and The Penisula for you to enjoy this month.  Please click on the calendar below!



May 1, 2017 | Posted in Activity Calendars