A Visit From the Easter Bunny

Above: Kitchen staff Stephanie, Chef Shawn and Glen get into the spirit while serving turkey dinner.

Easter is always a fun time of year but what is Easter without kids and an Easter Egg Hunt?

A group of preschoolers from Toad School came by to sing songs and find special treats left behind by the Easter Bunny.

Above: Preschoolers from Toad School visit with the Easter Bunny.

A photo-op with the Easter Bunny had the kids, staff and residents all lining up for their turn with ‘Precious’.

Above: Staff member Shantida & the Easter Bunny

Residents also got together to make Easter Bonnets and proudly wore them at dinner. Laughter ensued as the men took turns in the pretty bonnets as well.

Above: Rose Klinke, Carole Crossley, Glyn Jones & Frank Smith don lovely bonnets.

Above: Lois Robertson and her whimsical bonnet.

Above: Betty Martz makes a great stand-in for the Easter Bunny.

Above: Vivian Moffat wearing her beautiful bonnet.

All in all, a great start to spring!

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